Frequently Asked Questions

Happy to answer your common questions!

We're giving Options Research & Analysis a makeover. So we know you probably have a question or two!

Nope! While we have the utmost respect for investment advisors & trading platforms, what we are doing is different. We aim to be the most comprehensive options research & analysis tool on the market.
Frankly, the barrier to options trading is too high. Finding out whether or not the options contract you are buying/selling is going to be profitable is extremely time-consuming. Not only that, most of the "Pro" level tools are intimidating for newbies and the basic calculators on the web out there, while helpful, just don't cut it in delivering you a holistic picture of risk that anyone can understand & execute on.

Great question! We've personally used many of these calculators when we first started trading options. While useful to a degree, EVERY calculator and graphing options tool on the market today is either intimidating(i.e. geared to seasoned traders) or has a terrible UI & UX design. Moreover, even after using these calculators and graphs, it's quite common for an amateur/intermediate trader to resort to using spreadsheets, posting on forums, and pen/paper to get a better picture. We believe that changing this approach will make options trading less intimidating and more profitable for newcomers!

Well partially, yes. Robinhood knew the importance of a world-class UI/UX experience, and so do we! However, our tool is a lot more than just a pretty interface. We have pro-level analytics & risk analysis tools under the hood that helps create a complete picture of the options trade you are about to execute. Heck, based on a custom risk profile you create, we will even suggest the best strategies to take tailored to your goals.

We have years of experience on the team in fields ranging from advanced mathematics, machine learning/artifical intelligence, risk management, and cybersecurity. Rest assured, we are a world-class team building a world-class analysis tool to finally give the layman a simple way to get into options trading!